Unleashing the unique potential within each family

Parents know what’s best for their families. We’re here to provide you the tools to help them along their journey. 

Our mission is to fundamentally transform family and community wellbeing by centering on strengths-based, trauma-informed approaches that help families and communities thrive.

We do this by developing and teaching life-changing strategies, fostering a collaborative network of individuals and institutions that implement Parenting Journey programs, and who advocate for better opportunities for families and their communities.

Trainings at a Glance

Parenting Journey 1

Learn how to help parents and caregivers reflect on their upbringing in order to make intentional parenting choices today.


Parenting Journey for Fathers

A program designed for father and father figures, help men explore parenting in a space dedicated to them and their unique role in their family.


Parenting Journey 2

Help parents and families set their sights on a thriving future, one where they’re achieving their hopes and dreams because of choices they’re making today.

Family photo

Parenting in America

Learn to facilitate groups that embrace the parenting strengths immigrants bring with them, drawing on culture, tradition, and family experience while navigating change in a setting.

Group of people discussing

Parenting Journey in Recovery

Parents and caregivers living with addiction face the additional challenge of maintaining recovery while building strong, positive relationships with their children.

Group of girls

My Journey

Learn how to support youth ages 14+ in strengthening their insights into their behavior, explore their personal identity, nurture interpersonal relationships, and promote self-care.


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Parenting is stressful. You’re not alone on your courageous journey. If you are a parent looking for support, explore our resources!

Be a part of a Parent’s Journey

By supporting Parenting Journey, you can become a vital part of building your community by strengthening and nourishing families.

Parenting Journey Diversity Statement

At Parenting Journey, we know that a world where all families thrive is a world where diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded into organizational culture and practice.

Parenting Journey is committed to bringing people and communities together across identities, abilities, perspectives, social, spiritual, and religious groups, and socioeconomic status. This we will do in an environment of fair and just practices where all are safe and valued.

Advocating for Families

We recognize that inequity adds to the everyday stressors of parenting, perpetuates cycles of poverty and trauma, and prevents parents from planning the futures they, and their families, deserve. Explore our advocacy efforts with partner organizations.

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