Frequently Asked Questions

Training Details:

Parenting Journey is the only organization in the field that offers a universal NEST approach: Non-didactic, where programs focus not on teaching parenting but on identifying and utilizing inherent strengths; Evidence-based, with a core program proven to transition parents to more positive self-perceptions and life outlooks; Strengths-focused, amplifying what parents already excel at instead of zeroing in on weaknesses; Trauma-informed, acknowledging past experiences and fostering a safe space for growth and resilience.

What is facilitator training like?

At Parenting Journey we believe in learning from the inside out and use an experiential learning approach, as well as teach group management and facilitation skills. Our training is not lecture-based; you will be fully engaged! During your training, you will be fully immersed in learning by experiencing the group curriculum as a participant. This means that you will be participating in activities and answering reflective questions using your own life experiences.

What is required to successfully complete a facilitator training?

To successfully complete any training or workshop offered by Parenting Journey, Participants must attend all designated training sessions/days and complete all associated work. Certificates of completion and Continuing Education Units/CEUs (when available), if requested, will be given on the final day of the training or workshop.

Can I receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs or CEs) from attending a training?

Potentially! Explore our CEU landing page to see which trainings qualify for credits in particular states.

What is the cost of a facilitator training?/What is included in the cost?

The facilitator trainings range between $1000-$1200/person for 5-day trainings depending on the training format. The fee includes the cost of the training, and upon graduation from the training, digital access to group curriculum and materials, and access to facilitator toolkits. 

Private or onsite training can be tailored in advance which would require additional fee. Please contact for a specialized quote or more information on private trainings. 

What payment method can I use?/When is payment due?/Do you offer discounts or scholarships?

Payment is due at the time of registration and can be made by credit or debit card. If Purchase Orders are required by your agency or organization, contact for alternate payment arrangements. We do not currently offer any discounts or scholarships for training payments.

Can you change the date on my invoice so I can charge it to a different fiscal year/quarter/month?

We do not backdate invoices to prior fiscal periods. We report financial information monthly and it is of critical importance that these statements be valid and accurate.


What is the cancellation policy?/Can I receive a refund?

We do not offer refunds. If after registering you cannot attend the training, please visit our Cancellations, Payments and Registrations page for information and next steps.

What if I need to change my training registration?

See various situations below:

Parenting Journey Cancels my Training – If we do not have sufficient registrants to hold a training session, all paid registrants will be notified before the first day of the training session. We reserve the right to cancel any training. In the event of a cancellation, registrants will be able to apply their payment toward a future training date within a six-month timeframe.

I’d Like to Switch Registrants – You may substitute one staff member for another from the same organization if the fee was paid by an agency. To request a switch, please contact us via email at at least 10 or more business days in advance of the training to submit a new registration form with the substitute registrant’s information.

I’d like to Switch Training Dates – Registration can be transferred up to one time to an alternative training date at no charge if notification is received in writing via email to 10 or more business days prior to the first day of the training session. All other changes will be considered a cancellation and be subject to the above stated policy.

Post Training

What type of support will Parenting Journey provide after facilitator training is completed?

After graduating from a facilitator training, trainees will receive access to the Parenting Journey facilitator toolkit corresponding with the curriculum they were trained in, which have a wealth of resources to support implementing groups; resources include pre-recorded videos on navigating facilitation challenges, deeper dives into the underpinnings of the Parenting Journey philosophy, self-care, and more. Parenting Journey also offers implementation support coaching packages for those interested in extra or specialized assistance for starting groups.

Once I take a Parenting Journey facilitator training, can I train my colleagues in how to facilitate a Parenting Journey Group?

No, Parenting Journey groups may only be facilitated by those who have graduated from a Parenting Journey facilitator training conducted by a Parenting Journey faculty member. While you may run groups after successfully completing the facilitator training, teaching others how to run the group is not permitted.

I didn’t see my question, how can I find out more information?

For training-related questions please email us at For questions related to topics other than training, please contact us at