Parenting Journey Trainings for Facilitators

Learn firsthand how to use our experiential parenting intervention curricula

The Parenting
Journey Model

The Parenting Journey model is recognized by state and private agencies as an effective program for engaging parents and caregivers who have experienced stressful or traumatic events and for families who are seeking community, support, and guidance.


Parenting Journey programs are designed to help all types of parents increase their confidence and resilience while laying the groundwork for strong family relationships. The group facilitator acts as both a group leader as well as participant while they establish a safe and supportive atmosphere in which parents can express themselves and integrate their emotional experience with their intellectual understanding.

All programs are modeled on our NEST philosophy, meaning:

Who benefits from Parenting Journey Trainings?

Our mission is to fundamentally transform family and community wellbeing by centering on strengths-based, trauma-informed approaches that help families and communities thrive. 

We do this through a variety of methods, including trainings for facilitators of parenting groups geared to meet parents where they are in their journey.

Who should be trained in Parenting Journey programming?

Parenting Journey partnerships and facilitator trainings can benefit a wide variety of service agencies, including:

Our easy-to-follow curricula, developed over nearly three decades, provides step-by-step guidance for the program’s agenda, goals, guiding questions, and activities. By the end of the facilitator training program, you’ll be able to go back to your organization and run Parenting Journey groups with the parents and caregivers you support.

Trainees are given a toolkit that includes: the curriculum for each session, background information on starting a new group, facilitation tips, and more.

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Parenting Journey 1

Learn how to help parents and caregivers reflect on their upbringing in order to make intentional parenting choices today.

Parenting Journey for Fathers

A program designed for fathers and father figures, help men explore parenting in a space dedicated to them and their unique role in their family.

Parenting Journey 2

Help parents and families set their sights on a thriving future, one where they’re achieving their hopes and dreams because of choices they’re making today.


Parenting in America

Learn to facilitate groups that embrace the parenting strengths immigrants bring with them, drawing on culture, tradition, and family experience while navigating change in a new setting. 

Group of people discussing

Parenting Journey in Recovery

Parents and caregivers living with addiction face the additional challenge of maintaining recovery while building strong, positive relationships with their children.

My Journey

Learn how to support youth ages 14+ in strengthening their insights into their behavior, explore their personal identity, nurture interpersonal relationships, and promote self-care. 

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