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Dear Friend of Parenting Journey:

Parenting Journey

We are delighted to share our first e-newsletter, a handy and timely way to provide you with the latest news about the wonderful achievements of the parents and children to whom we are devoted, the dedication and generosity of our many supporters, and our friends and colleagues in social service organizations we partners with across the country.

We want you to get to know us: our amazing staff of experienced social-services professionals who understand the challenges of parenting under pressure. The brief stories here will give you a helpful perspective on our mission, the families we serve, and the fellow social service professionals we train across the country to deliver Parenting Journey’s powerful curriculum. In future e-newsletters, we will share inspiring stories of parents who are learning to devote themselves fully and rewardingly to their children, features about our extraordinary staff of facilitators and trainers, and timely updates about our work and interests.

All of us here at Parenting Journey are excited about sharing our stories with you, and we look forward to your continued and essential support and partnership

Warm regards,

Maury A. Peterson, Executive Director