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Parent Ambassador Spotlight: Gladis Cordon

Parenting Journey

Gladis Cordon is a graduate of the Parenting in America, Parenting Journey and Parenting Journey II groups. She now volunteers as a Parent Ambassador for our organization. When asked how Parenting Journey impacted her Gladis told us, “I’m super grateful for this program because it helped me be a good mom, a good daughter and to value myself. I learned to have dreams and goals and to go out and achieve them.”

Gladis recently realized another dream: to start a new Parenting Journey group in East Boston. As Gladis explains, “When I saw how many people in East Boston were interested I knew it would be beautiful to have a group in East Boston… parents need this training about how to listen in a new way.” Learning to truly listen changed Gladis and her relationship with her grandson. As Gladis explains, one day, when she started parenting journey, “my grandson brought me a flower and put it on the table. I didn’t realize why it was there so I threw it away. Later he told me that he had brought it for me. I felt so bad for throwing it away. Since then, I’ve learned to stop what I’m doing and listen. Now we have better communication and we understand each other.” We are so glad to have Gladis as a Parent Ambassador and that she is helping give other parents the chance to learn and grow. Reflecting on this new group in East Boston, Gladis added, “I feel good that what I dreamed of is happening and that Parenting Journey listened to me.” 

A huge shout-out to Gladis. Thank you for your support and for helping to bring Parenting Journey to East Boston.