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“Some Sparkling Moment”— Meet Marcos Dasilva

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Relaxed and self-possessed, with a serene disposition that invites trust, Senior Group Facilitator Marcos Dasilva has been with Parenting Journey since 2009, advising couples on the obligations, challenges, and rewards of being fully engaged parents to their children. A Board-certified professional counselor with master’s degrees in Counseling, Psychology, and Divinity, Marcos has had a fruitful and influential career in the Boston area, active in the refugee and immigrant communities and as a couples and family therapist.

All one needs to know about Marcos is that he would rather talk about the people he counsels than about himself. “I continue doing this job because of the truthfulness of the people, and because their remarkable changes inspire me all the time,” Marcos said recently. “Every session, there is always some sparkling moment that happens in the group.”

Marcos was quick to share such a sparkling moment, a small yet revealing memory that he cherishes, the kind of experience that makes his work worthwhile and satisfying. The married couple came in—one of two couples in the parenting session—and, as is typical when a group is getting underway, they were shy. Slowly, over time, they began to share more of themselves in conversation.

Then, one evening, they brought a beautifully decorated cake. It was their 11th wedding anniversary. They could have shared their celebration with their friends, or with their church community, they said, but they chose to share it with their counseling group at Parenting Journey “because this group is helping us keep this marriage together,” they said.

The couple had come to the group in the grip of separation, Marcos remembered, with the father emotionally disconnected from his stepson. But because they had made such advances as a couple and as parents over the course of their sessions, they wanted to acknowledge this success and share it publicly.

“Everyone was so surprised. We all clapped our hands,” Marcos said with a delight that still glowed. Later, at the graduation ceremony that concludes the parenting sessions, the couple’s pastor came to honor them and “to meet the people who helped save their marriage,” Marcos recalled.

Sparkling moments. These are the experiences that crystallize the essential contribution of Marcos Dasilva and the counselors like him at Parenting Journey.