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  • The Neighborhood Place celebrates first Parenting Journey graduation in Miami, FL

The Neighborhood Place celebrates first Parenting Journey graduation in Miami, FL

Parenting Journey

May 23rd marked The Neighborhood Place‘s inaugural graduating Parenting Journey group; and what a success! We spoke with Olabisi B-Castro, Director of Family and Community Support Services of The Neighborhood Place (a division of The Early Learning Coalition of Miami Dade Monroe) and she described the celebratory event, “Participants and their guests were part of the ceremony that honored resilience and growth experienced through this unique and self-reflective Miami-1st PJ Group Graduates_052016journey. Bonds were created and many tears were shed as participants expressed their gratitude towards their facilitators and the program for the positive effect that it has had in their lives over the past 12 weeks. Participants shared that coming to sessions helped to build strength towards reaching goals, created self-confidence, positive self-realizations, and a real sense of community.

image005We sought to make a big impact in the community that we serve but we achieved far more.  We were able to bring a community together through the nurturing of the spirit and built on the strength of character and commitment. Our EHS families truly benefited from the Parenting Journey but this could not have been achieved without the awesome team that facilitated this program. These women spent countless hours preparing week after week and truly formed lasting bonds reflected in the words of praise from participants. Thank you Charelis Santana, Cresha Reid, Maria Diaz, Nancy Julmiste, and Valerie Vincente. Thank you for your endurance, thank you for your dedication, and thank you for the nurturing environment that you provided our families. You have changed lives and made the Parenting Journey a success for the Neighborhood Place for Early Head Start!”image009

Parenting Journey could not be prouder of these strong, dedicated facilitators and group participants. It is also incredibly exciting to see the Parenting Journey program flourish in Miami, Florida. The Neighborhood Place will be offering the program to parents once again in the coming months. Look out for upcoming sessions of the Parenting Journey in the near future!