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Parent Spotlight: Shayla Reid-Bokuniewicz

Parenting Journey

“I never expected that having a baby would bring my life to a standstill,” recalls Shayla. Unemployed and feeling the full weight of post-partum depression, Shayla Reid-Bokuniewicz came for a Parenting Journey intake at the suggestion of one of her mentors.

“Even at the first meeting, before the group began, I started realizing that I didn’t want to carry things from how I was raised over to my son. But I didn’t know how to do it differently.” 

As a self-reported Type A personality, Shayla states that she was pushing her son to do things before he was developmentally ready. “The amazing and real facilitators in Parenting Journey I taught me the importance of self-care; once I learned to be gentle with myself, I could be gentle with my son.”

Shayla Reid-Bokuniewicz

Continuing on with Parenting Journey II, Shayla relays that the “Aha!” moment for her came through creating a life collage. She knew where she wanted to go “but I wasn’t doing anything to get there – not in my career, nor my marriage.”

Parenting Journey helped her set goals and take the small steps necessary to make her vision a reality, and her hard work paid off. Today, in addition to being the content mother of her now 2-year old son, Shayla teaches English to international students and has launched a business: Sashay Life Transitions  helps individuals and businesses through the challenges of downsizing or moving. She has generously donated items her clients no longer want to Parenting Journey families in need.

“Going every week to Parenting Journey and getting support is what helped me to do these things. It changed my mindset to ‘I can do this.’”

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