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  • Parenting Journey’s presence in Massachusetts continues to expand

Parenting Journey’s presence in Massachusetts continues to expand

Parenting Journey

Parenting Journey’s presence in Massachusetts continues to expand, with three new Parenting Journey I groups running at Lynn Community Connections Coalition and the International Family Church. This growth couldn’t come at a more crucial time as families on the North Shore area are facing a multitude of struggles ranging from increasing cost of living and the struggle to maintain a work/life balance to homelessness and a severe spike in opiate use and addiction.

Any one of these situations is hard to navigate with a level head, but imagine dealing with three or four of these challenges at once? This is often the case for many North Shore parents. In short, Parenting Journey could not have come at a more important time for these parents. Now with our support, these parents and caregivers are able to not only tap into their inner strengths but also leverage them to tap into resource networks that can alleviate and hopefully eliminate their issues all while providing nurturing care to their children.

At the forefront of this expansion are Parenting Journey’s trained facilitators. These facilitators are working diligently to create a healthy learning and growing environment for participating parents. Parenting Journey’s founder, Anne Peretz has remained a powerhouse since the agency was founded 33 years ago and is currently co-facilitating one of these groups in Lynn. None of these groups could have come to fruition without the support of home staff at these institutions. They are ardent advocates of Parenting Journey and have gone to great lengths to ensure that Parenting Journey staff and parents are nurtured and supported as they go on this excursion together and we could not appreciate them more.