Danielle has been a member of the Parenting Journey staff since September 2014. Holding an undergraduate degree in biology and environmental science and policy, and a master’s degree in environmental science and policy all from Clark University in Worcester, MA. Danielle brings a wealth of nonprofit knowledge working with several environmental organizations and a camp for low-income youth. Danielle oversees HR, IT, the facilities, and operations. She started at Parenting Journey organizing programs until a mentor noticed she had a logistical brain and moved her into operations, which is where she’s been working ever since. With the addition of facilities in 2019, Danielle’s plate is always a little full with various building projects. Some of her most interesting projects on the building have included key-fob installation, roof replacement, and working with the insurance company when a water heater let go in the basement.

In Danielle’s time away from Parenting Journey, she enjoys making jewelry with simple clean aesthetic. 

Get to know the Parenting Journey Team:

From the Parenting Journey 1 Curriculum: Which ritual question do you like engaging with the majority of the time?
Describe one positive interaction you had with someone this week. 

What does self care look like to you? 

Probably taking a walk outside, having some quiet time, reading a book, or working on a new jewelry piece.