Pedro has been a member of the Parenting Journey team since 2007. With over 25 years experience working in administrative operations. As Program Coordinator working out of our New York location, he supports our training team within Parenting Journey. Pedro has an aptitude for anticipating needs, which our facilitators greatly rely on while participating in their trainings. It’s because of Pedro’s attention to detail, high level of organization and fast response time that Parenting Journey’s trainings run so smoothly.

Pedro is originally from Chile, he now lives in New York. His hobbies include cooking, art, craft and photography. 

Get to know the Parenting Journey Team:
From the Parenting Journey Curricula’s Name Game: Tell us where your name came from?

My father’s uncle (they were very close) passed away and my father started to see him everywhere and when my father decided to name me after him, the “ghost’ disappeared. 

What’s your favorite quote?

My grandma would say,  “No one knows the bottom of the pot but the ladle that stirs it.” It means no judgement.