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Legacy Gifts


A bequest is a wonderful way to support Parenting Journey posthumously.

By including a bequest to Parenting Journey in your will or trust, your legacy will be that of centering strengths-based, trauma-informed approaches to help families and communities thrive. 

To do so, indicate a specific amount or a percentage of the balance remaining in your estate or trust be directed to Parenting Journey. 

Planned Giving

Many gift plans can provide significant tax and financial advantages to you and your loved ones.

Name Parenting Journey as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), or other qualified plan.

Designate Parenting Journey to receive all or a portion of the balance through your plan administrator.Matching Donations 


Stock Donations

Parenting Journey accepts donations of commonly held, publicly traded stocks. 

The easiest way to donate stock or other securities to Parenting Journey is through an electronic transfer (DTC) from your brokerage account.

Please e-mail info@parentingjourney.org to get the process started.


Matching Donations

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs to charitable organizations. Your employer may match or even double your initial gift.

Request a Matching Form from your company.

Complete and submit the form to Parenting Journey along with your gift.

Parenting Journey will verify the completed form and return it to the company.

Completed forms can be sent with your personal gift to:

Parenting Journey

18 Bow Street #609

Many matching gift companies require that participants provide the Federal Tax ID number of the recipient organization when applying for a match. The Federal Tax ID for the Parenting Journey is 04-2771011.

Corporate Sponsors

No matter what type of business you’re in, your organization can play a vital role in helping Parenting Journey fulfill its mission of strengthening families by nurturing and inspiring parents and caregivers. By sponsoring Parenting Journey, you are making an investment in programs that have been proven to build stronger and more stable families.

Together, we can build on that success. Your gift will help Parenting Journey provide positive, curriculum-based programs that give parents the skills, confidence, and resources they need to become more effective parents and build stronger families.

Please e-mail info@parentingjourney.org to get the process started.