• We help build stronger families.

    We have some exciting news to share with you! For over 30 years The Family Center has worked with parents, children, and families in the communities we serve. We are proud to announce that we are changing our name from The Family Center to Parenting Journey. Our name may change but our mission and vision will remain the same. As the Parenting Journey, we will continue to provide positive, strengths-based programs for parents and caregivers, helping them to develop skills that benefit the entire family, as well as train human service professionals interested in becoming trained Parenting Journey facilitators.

    • Founder Anne Peretz works with Burundi women who recently graduated a Parenting Journey program

      Founder Anne Peretz celebrates the most recent Parenting Journey graduates in Burundi!

    • Parenting Journey event at Goulston & Storrs

      Parenting Journey Celebrates Donors and Funders at January event downtown

      Nina Lynch, Jay Shapiro, Maury Peterson, Anne Peretz, Bern Haan, and Michele Souda enjoy the successful event.
    • Citizens Bank Check Presentation

      Parenting Journey Gets $35K as a Champion in Action

      Parenting Journey is proud to be named a Champion in Action by Citizens Bank and NECN in recognition of the contribution we make to strengthening our community.
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      Our Mission

      To create safer, more resilient families by supporting them in developing the inner strengths, life skills, and networks of resources they need to succeed.
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      Parenting Journey Receives Urban Empowerment Award

      YearUp Boston presented Parenting Journey with the Urban Empowerment Award, given in recognition of individuals and organizations that have made an incredible impact on their community.
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      Building Stronger Families

      Since 2007, over 52,000 parents and caregivers have participated in our programs to the benefit of more than 131,000 children.