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  • Hildebrand brings Parenting Journey to Devon House in Dorchester

Hildebrand brings Parenting Journey to Devon House in Dorchester

Parenting Journey

Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center, Inc., located in Dorchester, MA, is launching its inaugural Parenting Journey group on April 7th.The group will be run in Spanish and English.

Like Parenting Journey, Hildebrand is uses a strengths-based approach. According to their team, three terms frequently heard around either the office or congregates are “unconditional positive regard,” “trauma informed care,” and “strengths-based communication.” In essence, the ability to offer respect, acknowledgement, dignity, and warmth to a person no matter what emotions or behaviors he/she offers in return, which involves a feeling of acceptance for a person’s negative, fearful, painful, defensive and abnormal feelings as much as it does a person’s positive, mature and socially normal feelings.

As the service provider, Hildebrand deeply values the humanity of their clients, which is not merely the head of household, but each member of the family. The new Parenting Journey program will not only serve those attending the program and their families but will ripple into other areas of their lives. Click here to read more about the organization and their team’s experience at the Parenting Journey facilitator training on the Hildebrand blog.